TOP TEN Reasons for Unsuccessful SCADA System Implementations

Glenn Corvigno takes a thorough and humorous tour through the most common challenges of SCADA system projects in this great article. A common theme is the importance of a detailed commissioning plan, communication and collaboration between all project members, attention to detail, and tracking the many details and small events happening sporadically throughout construction, testing, […]

Technology as an enabler

In a Construction Executive article, Adrian Scholes writes about the conflict between increasingly complex construction projects and the accompanying tighter budgets and aggressive schedules, and how technology can play a key role in the solution. “When all team members can access and share the most up-to-date information at any time and from […]

The importance of a collaborative contractor & commissioning team relationship

In this article from ASHRAE, the philosophies of technical vs. process commissioning are discussed. It’s mentioned that “When contractors communicate and collaborate effectively with the CxA during the installation process, problems are minimized and the amount of rework is greatly decreased.” A cloud based software platform like BlueRithm can be used to […]

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